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Product segments of ProSweets Cologne

Innovation at a glance

Automation technology? Healthy sweets? Packaging with event character? Whatever your theme is - ProSweets Cologne places the focus on innovative solutions and current trends. The famous supplier trade fair is the platform for international exhibitors and decision-makers of the snacks and sweets industry. You can find our four products segments at a glance here.

Production and packaging technology


The theme sustainability is facing the sweets industry with great challenges. In order to further streamline processes and save finite resources, production is having to be reinvented. Exhibitors will impressively showcase what is ensuing from this in the Production and Packaging Technology section at ProSweets Cologne.

Whether blockchain or artificial intelligence - the digitalisation is opening up numerous opportunities of optimising production and packaging processes and of developing new technologies. For example, work processes from the production through to the logistics can be accelerated considerably using robotic process automation (RPA). Breakdowns - which are quite common in the food industry - can also be resolved faster using cognitive assistance systems. This not only increases the production, it also reduces waste and losses.

Discover further trends and product sections in our product segment Production and Packaging Technology.

Packaging and packaging materials


The eye plays a role in purchasing decisions. So does one's conscience. More and more people are opting for conscious luxury foods. This not only includes sustainable delivery chains, quality and transparency regarding the ingredients. The design of the packaging is at least equally important for the purchasing decision.

What does the surface feel like in the hand? Can the packaging material be recycled or even better: Was it - at least to an extent - made from recycled materials? Does the design appeal to the consumer emotionally, does it promise lifestyle and adventure?

ProSweets Cologne places the emphasis on answers to these and further questions in the segment Packaging and Packaging Materials. Whether digital packaging with an augmented reality effect, resealability or unboxing experiences with a fun factor: Innovative packaging solutions and concepts, customising techniques, packing accessories and materials are made experienceable here. The perfect opportunity for suppliers and decision-makers to come into contact with each other and co-shape the future of packaging.

Further information can be found in our product segment Packaging and Packaging Materials.

Raw materials and ingredients

From Flavourings to Sugar Substitutes: RAW MATERIALS AND INGREDIENTS

Vegan snacks, healthy sweets and Fairtrade cocoa - the demands in raw materials and alternative ingredients are constantly increasing. The trend is towards natural ingredients, sweets with sugar substitutes and clean labels with health claims. Jelly babies without artificial colouring, natural sweeteners like rice syrup or agave syrup and powerbars enrichened with protein are still in high demand. At the same time, the interest in rich textures and unusual combinations is rising - namely for a taste experience of the special kind.

The challenge for the manufacturers of snacks and sweets lies in the reformulation of their products: How can the need for natural, sustainable and healthy ingredients without additives be satisfied without having to make compromises regarding durability, taste and cost efficiency? ProSweets Cologne is dedicating a separate section to these and further questions.

Learn more about raw materials, sweeteners or colourings in our product segment Raw Materials and Ingredients.

Operating equipment and auxiliary devices

From Control to Air-conditioning Technology: OPERATING EQUIPMENT AND AUXILIARY DEVICES

From warehousing to logistics, through to disposal: Nothing is possible in the sweets and snacks industry without food safety and quality management. The digitalisation also offers plenty of opportunities for process optimisation and cost reduction in the fields of air-conditioning or operating technology.

Automation technology brings relief to people, reduces breakdowns and improves the quality. In the warehouse technology sector for instance autonomous vehicles save time and free employees from routine tasks. Intelligent cooling systems are revolutionising the air-conditioning technology segment, by not only reporting errors automatically, but their energy consumption is also lower. Food controls provide faster and more precise results thanks to the digitalisation.

Manufacturers will present the most important technological innovations for machines, plants and systems at ProSweets. From robotics to recycling, exciting innovations and interesting discussions with suppliers and trade visitors await you at the supplier trade fair.

You can find further information on the product segment Operating Equipment and Auxiliary Devices here.

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