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The packaging can already be decisive as to whether a product is purchased and it is thus an important competitive factor for the manufacturers of snacks and sweets. The product segment Packaging and Packaging Materials covers the entire process from the packaging design, to the packaging material, through to finished packaging.

Packaging material - innovative solutions are demanded here

Both the manufacturing companies and the customers have specific demands regarding the packaging of sweets and snacks. A growing challenge: Designing packaging in a more sustainable way. In addition to the usual packaging materials like paper/cardboard, metal/tin, plastic or glass, innovative materials that also work in the process and fulfil the protective function, are in demand today.

Packaging designs that impress

Folding cartons, boxes, bags or gift wrapping, almost every variation is conceivable as packaging. Creativity is precisely what pays off when it comes down to packaging design. How can the goods be attractively packaged? How can selling arguments and product information be depicted? What role does the haptic feel of the material play?

Product sections

In the product segment Packaging and Packaging Materials the exhibiting companies offer answers to all these questions and they will present innovative packaging solutions for the following product sections:

  • Individual packaging
  • Primary packaging
  • Outer or secondary packaging
  • Transport and storage packaging
  • Packaging design
  • A wide range of packaging materials: Paper/cardboard, metal/tin, plastic, glass, textiles, innovative materials
  • Decoration
  • Packaging accessories
  • Labelling

Packaging also has to satisfy the intensive research and development requirements regarding its environmentally-friendliness, keyword "Circular Economy", and regarding its functionality. In this connection, make sure you visit the Special Show Sustainable Packaging!

Become an exhibitor at ProSweets Cologne!

Demonstrate how innovative packaging concepts turn brands into a haptic and visual experience. Meet your customers at ProSweets Cologne: Numerous decision-makers from the procurement/purchasing, product development and research sections, who are looking for the most convincing offer, are present here. Furthermore, ProSweets Cologne is the only supplier fair worldwide that exclusively addresses the sweets and snacks industry and which is co-staged together with the leading trade fair, ISM.

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