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Cyclothermic and Convection Tunnel Oven | Exhibitor on the ProSweets Cologne 2024

Cyclothermic and Convection Tunnel Oven

The Cyclothermic oven is adept at baking a wide array of products, including cupcakes, Swiss rolls, various sponge products, extruded, wire cut, and rotary moulded soft dough items, as well as hard/sweet biscuits and bread. The oven's design comprises a modular structure, anchored by a steel frame securely affixed to the floor. A unique feature of this oven is its ability to accommodate thermal expansion during heating, thanks to an innovative "sliding" system integrated into the baking chambers.

These chambers, along with the combustion units, are constructed from materials that can withstand high operating temperatures. To ensure optimal thermal efficiency, the oven is insulated with either rock wool or ceramic fibers, which are encased in protective panels and stainless steel covers. The design of the oven's baking chamber includes distinct channels that facilitate the transfer of heat from the power module to the radiators located above and below the conveyor belt. This arrangement ensures a balanced thermal load is maintained.

The Cyclothermic oven utilizes a sophisticated temperature control system. Heat generated in the combustion chamber by a stainless steel burner is evenly distributed to the top and bottom radiators through a re-circulation fan. This system allows for independent temperature control of the two radiators.

In terms of mechanical components, the oven features a pneumatic tensioning system within its idle head. The towing group, located at the oven's output, consists of a motor regulated by an inverter and a manual towing device for emergency situations. All these functions are seamlessly managed by an electrical panel situated adjacent to the oven.
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