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Stampac MC 400 / TC 400 | Exhibitor on the ProSweets Cologne 2024

Stampac MC 400 / TC 400

Packaging machine for high-quality wrapped chocolate products such as surprise eggs, Easter bunnies and Santa Claus in preformed aluminum foil.

The geometry of the products can be nearly arbitrary. A rotational symmetry is not required. The closure can be generated mechanically (MC variant) by folding the packaging edges or by sealing (TC variant). A combination of the types of closure is also possible. The MCR packaging machines have all the described characteristics of the MC variants, but with an additional loading and/or unloading robot. For extensive packaging tasks, we deliver the engineering and integration into your plant layout. With the 400 series, we offer a packaging performance that is unique on the world market.

up to 220 products / minute for hollow chocolate figures
up to 550 products / minute for chocolate candy

Product dimensions
Length 40 – 250 mm
Depth 10 – 60 mm
Width 20 – 150 mm

Foil thickness
Mechanical Closure 8 µm – 20 µm
Sealed Closure 8 µm – 45 µm

Rosenau 2
87437 Kempten