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Complete Forming Lines | Exhibitor on the ProSweets Cologne 2024

Complete Forming Lines

Ball Forming: after the extruder, a BF 1002 can shape a solid or a hollow product rope, with a semi-liquid or powder filling, into a variety of spherical shapes, from balls to eggs or pears, bottles or lentils…

The same ball former can shape bubble or chewing gum, grained chewy candy, hard candy and marzipan, plastic or feed type products.

Cut & Wrap for rectangular, square, cylindrically shaped gum or soft candies…A production line is composed of an extruder and cooling tunnel which feed client’s wrapping machine(s). Our extrusion lines are able to extrude and form a rope to specification, very regularly, so as to ensure optimal functioning of the wrappers.

Rolling & Scoring or Sheeting Lines ranging from 7’’ – 9’’ – 15’’ – 22’’ forming stick, dragée / pillow or tab gum. Other equipment includes intermediate cooling/curing tunnels, stackers, breaking drums...(See photo)
Co-Extruders: to form two different colours or products simultaneously. Realising that manufacturers require the highest degree of flexibility, a Proform machine can co-extrude 2 or more colours or 2 or more different types of masses, and is also able to extrude single colour products at the same time. It is also possible to extrude different colour splits at the same time, making a variety of products simultaneously.

Filling Extruders: can add high viscous fillings in batch roller formed candies. Optionally a filling pump can be added to the BR Extruder to add a semi-liquid filling. For example, a hard candy lollipop with a bubble gum filling with an inner semi-liquid inside the gum.
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