02.–05.02.2025 #prosweetscologne

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TLM Cartoner with Comfort Feeder | Exhibitor on the ProSweets Cologne 2024

TLM Cartoner with Comfort Feeder

A bar packer with new infeed: Blanks directly from the pallet

When the blank magazine runs empty, machine operators need to react quickly to avoid unnecessary interruptions. With the new Schubert TLM Comfort Feeder, this is now a thing of the past, as can be seen on a bar packer at the trade fair. All it takes is to place the entire pallet with the blanks – still in the blank sheet – into the machine. An F4 robot then pulls the blanks one by one directly from the sheet and feeds them into the erecting process at a rate of 60 cycles per minute. This process also has another advantage: The sheet cutting process can be optimised to maximise packaging material utilisation – saving material, resources and costs. The combination of a new type of sheet infeed, high erecting capacity, and loading and sealing in a small space offers Schubert customers an exceptionally attractive machine concept. The cartoner belongs to Schubert's TLM Power Compact machine category, which describes TLM machines with a high power density in a small space.
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