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How the new navigation to the event works

Arrive stress-free

Together with Graphmasters, Koelnmesse has tuned the NUNAV App exclusively to the needs of trade visitors to imm cologne. This means they can get to the trade fair with less stress and less time spent stuck in traffic. And there is no need to search for a parking spot.

You can download the app here:

Link Android

Link iOS

Important: No costs are incurred for the user!

The project is funded by the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure . The questions listed below provide you with a brief overview of how the navigation works.

Koelnmesse wishes you stress- and congestion-free journey to the event!

How can the navigation be used?

NUNAV Navigation can be installed free of charge via the Google PlayStore or the Apple Appstore and is immediately ready for use. There is no need for user registration. After starting the app, you can search for and select ProSweets Cologne and the navigation then starts automatically.

What destination do I enter?

Those using a normal navigation device to get to an event usually enter the location (e.g. "Messegelände") and then have to look for a parking spot when they reach their destination. With NUNAV Navigation, there is no need for this − it guides you straight to a free parking space.

Simply enter ProSweets Cologne in the app and the navigation will start immediately. If a parking lot is full, it will be switched off in NUNAV and the users will be directed to free parking spaces. There is no need to search for a parking space and no congestion.

In addition, NUNAV is aware of all road closures and traffic disruptions on the way to Koelnmesse and distributes the traffic in the available road network.

What role do I have to choose?

Type ProSweets Cologne, select your ticket category and enjoy a stress-free journey to the event! For ProSweets Cologne, the roles trade visitor and severely disabled are available in the drop-down menu. Severely disabled persons are navigated directly to the exclusively arranged disabled parking spaces. Owners of an appropriate identity card with a passport photo are entitled to a disabled parking space.

What does "navigation from your front door to ProSweets Cologne?

Koelnmesse and Graphmasters have processed the existing OpenStreetMap maps in such a way to enable navigation to the nearest car park. Specifically, this means that Koelnmesse will give you access to one of the numerous parking spaces around the exhibition grounds.

What is NUNAV?

NUNAV Navigation is "connected driving" with your smartphone. NUNAV users do not only spend less time stuck in traffic themselves, they also cause less congestion, as NUNAV technology takes traffic density into account for the entire road network and distributes traffic in such a way that congestion is avoided to as far an extent as possible.

In Germany, the NUNAV Navigation App can be used like a normal navigation device in everyday traffic. Thanks to its innovative routing method and high level of data protection, it is considered an interesting alternative to conventional navigation apps.

What does NUNAV Navigation do to prevent congestion?

The route guidance in NUNAV Navigation works according to the "Collaborative Routing" method. Unlike conventional navigation apps, NUNAV not only considers the current traffic situation with existing congestion when selecting routes. NUNAV also tries to take action in advance to avoid roads becoming congested.

Based on swarm intelligence, NUNAV rearranges the users' route guidance. If the user group accessing NUNAV is large enough, individual and logistics traffic can be optimised. It has been scientifically proven that if two percent of road users use NUNAV, traffic can be optimised by a two-digit percentage.

Does NUNAV Navigation move congestion into minor roads?

No. Traffic distribution takes into account the capacity of each road. Only individual cars are routed through small roads.

Are some NUNAV users put at a disadvantage so that others spend less time stuck in traffic?

No. Although NUNAV Navigation users may travel a slightly longer distance depending on the circumstances, they will reach their destination at least just as quickly as users of a conventional navigation device and usually even faster.

What about data privacy?

NUNAV Navigation does not save any personal user data and is completely free from advertising. The system only transmits and processes information about traffic: On what point on what road can what speed be driven? NUNAV uses this information to calculate the traffic model. For NUNAV, the sender of this information is an anonymous user who is irretrievably deleted every two minutes in order to create a new one.

What is the difference to googleMaps?

NUNAV only provides a regular anonymous signal and does not track the journey. This means that it is not possible to make Koelnmesse customers transparent and then, for example, send them "personalised" advertising or the like. Koelnmesse controls the route, coordinated with the city of Cologne, to the right parking spaces and access roads and not an advertising-based software/algorithm. This would not be possible with googleMaps.

NUNAV Navigation has proposed a strange route.

NUNAV's intention to distribute traffic in the road network may lead to an alternative route being chosen instead of what appears to be a "free" section of road. Even if NUNAV always plans the alternative routes in such a way that the user does not lose any time, this method may initially take some getting used to.

How reliable is NUNAV?

By organising road traffic as a swarm, NUNAV's algorithm performs a much more complex task than conventional navigation systems, which simply calculate an optimised route for the individual user and try to take existing congestion into account. Nevertheless, thanks to constant further development, NUNAV has a very low error rate.

Error handling and support - Feedback to Koelnmesse

As with any other software, malfunctions are possible with the NUNAV App. NUNAV immediately investigates indications of such errors and first analyses whether the map material, the traffic warning data provided by the police, a connection error or an error in the programme code is responsible for the problem.

For suggestions on how to improve the product and for information on possible malfunctions, NUNAV users can contact Support in Hanover by e-mail at support@graphmasters.net or directly from the Android App.

Please send any praise, criticism or suggestions regarding the navigation by e-mail to: NUNAV@koelnmesse.de

Background and Funding information


NUNAV developers

The routing engine developed by Graphmasters has already won numerous awards, including the Microsoft Imagine Cup of finalists in Australia.

Hollerithallee 17
30419 Hanover

Tel.: +49 (0)511 7608033316

Funding information

The digitalisation of logistics at Koelnmesse and NUNAV is part of the "Digitalisation of Municipal Transport Systems" funding project of the Federal Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructure .