28.–31.01.2024 #prosweetscologne

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Mehr Impact am POS - Packages digital messen und optimieren | Event on the ProSweets Cologne 2023 - Special Edition

More Impact at the POS - Measuring and Optimizing Packages Digitally

from MediaAnalyzer Advertising Research GmbH
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ProSweets Cologne
MediaAnalyzer Advertising Research GmbH
Glockengießerwall 2
20095 Hamburg

The event

Based on current study results and our virtual package test, we answer the following questions:

- Which packaging variant works best for confectionery?

- How do we succeed in asserting ourselves against the competition and ensuring rapid recognition at the POS?


- How can product variants be displayed in a recognizable and comprehensible way?

In today's highly competitive market, more than half of purchasing decisions are made spontaneously at the sweets shelf. This fact highlights the importance of packaging and shelf design in the marketing mix. The advertising impact of these elements is critical to the success of sales.

As we know, the choice of packaging can be the make or break factor for a product. So the question arises, what packaging option works best? Does the package stand out against competition and allow for quick product recognition? And do the product details become clear enough?


To answer these questions, MediaAnalyzer has developed a unique approach called Package.Analyzer. This approach involves testing different packages in a virtual shelf environment, and evaluating their visual impact and findability. This is combined with a detailed survey to assess the appearance, understanding, and buying incentives for all packaging options in comparison.

Our talk will show results of a study based on this approach. We will show general learnings regarding packaging design as well as how to utilize the approach to assure the effectiveness of a package on your target audience before making a final layout decision. 

Learn how to greatly increase the success of a product at the point of sale, where the consumer makes the final purchase decision.