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Meet our Exhibitor GNT

17 Aug 2021

ProSweets Cologne is the central business platform for the supplier for the confectionery and snack industry. Under the motto "Meet our Exhibitors", important industry players explain what ProSweets means to them. In our first article, we talk to Petra Thiele, Managing Director at GNT.

To what extent has COVID-19 changed the industry and where do you see the greatest business potential (trends and developments) for your industry?

Petra Thiele, Managing Director, GNT Europa (Aachen)

Petra Thiele, Managing Director, GNT Europa (Aachen)

The pandemic has accelerated the trend toward better-for-you products. For instance, FMCG Gurus research has found that 38% of consumers worldwide have sought out healthier confectionery offerings as a result of COVID-19.(1) The same research shows 63% have become more attentive to ingredient lists and that ‘additive-free’ and ‘100% natural’ are the claims that most shoppers want to see.

How important is ProSweets Cologne for your own business and what added value does the trade fair offer you?

ProSweets Cologne is a really important event for GNT. It allows us to not only meet potential new customers but to meet with existing customers and find out more about how we can help them achieve their goals.

How much suffering was there without a trade fair like ProSweets, or how do you rate the relaunch of ProSweets for your business success?

Online networking tools have their advantages, but they can’t recreate all the benefits of attending an event like ProSweets in person. We’re really excited about reconnecting with the confectionery industry face-to-face and getting the chance to showcase the advantages of EXBERRY® Coloring Foods first-hand.

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods fit perfectly with this trend as they’re made from non-GMO fruit, vegetables and plants using physical processing methods. They’re considered food ingredients rather than additives under EU regulations, so they don’t require E numbers. They can also be listed on the label in a way that is easy to understand, such as “Coloring Food (Concentrate of carrot and blackcurrant).”

How important are trends and innovations at ProSweets Cologne for you? What trends do you expect to see in the coming months?

One trend that has been growing at a rapid pace is ingredient transparency. Innova named transparency as its number one trend this year, with 59% of consumers saying they want to know where their food comes from and how it’s made.(2)

Shoppers are now paying more attention to ingredient lists and even taking the time to research products’ sustainability and ethical credentials to ensure that the food they purchase meets their values. Innova’s research found that half of all respondents said they would be likely to check a QR code on packaging to learn more about the product.

EXBERRY® Coloring Foods give brands the opportunity to tell a really positive story about the colors in their confectionery. Our raw materials are grown using natural methods by farmers working as part of GNT’s vertically integrated supply chain, and the colors are created using gentle, physical methods such as chopping and boiling.

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(2) Innova Market Insights 'Transparency triumphs in building trust and safeguarding brands' (2021)