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INGREDIENTS special event and new TASTING ZONE: Reformulations for sweets and snacks

The reformulation of foodstuffs is more topical than ever. The reduction of fat, sugar and salt is the current trend, as well as the interest for alternatives to animal products or protein enrichment. The food industry is working flat out to reformulate products to reduce the amount of sugar, salt and fat therein. One has to take into account here that these ingredients fulfil important technological and sensory functions in the production process. Furthermore, the legal stipulations, availability of the raw materials and economic points of view have to be considered when planning the reformulation. Overall, this requires a complex recipe management by the people concerned, which weighs up a host of different factors while at the same time guaranteeing the impeccable sensory quality of the products.

But what are possible opportunities and alternatives here, where are there limits to a reformulation or reduction and what is it important to know when handling new ingredients? The INGREDIENTS - Reformulation for Sweets & Snacks special event with a new TASTING ZONE as well as professionally-oriented one-hour guided tours will provide answers to these and other questions on the theme "Reformulation" at this year's ProSweets Cologne, which is being staged in Cologne from 2 to 5 February 2020. Both the special event and the guided tours are being organised jointly with the Germany Agricultural Society e.V. (DLG).

Guided Tours
The free guided tours conducted by the DLG also focus on the theme "Reformulation". The tours encompass visiting exhibition stands, among others the INGREDIENTS special event and offer in-depth expert insights. For example, successfully implemented reformulation methods, but also promising technological further developments will be presented. Beyond this, one will look into the issue as to which natural ingredients are suitable to achieve a reduction and how these are to be labelled.

Further information on the guided tours


The emphasis of the new TASTING ZONE lies on product innovations, sensory samples and the professional exchange. The TV food expert, Sebastian Lege, will present products from the sweets and snacks section with alternative recipes that are manufactured live and he will commentate the production process in detail. The theme reformulation is also the main focus here.

Whereby it is not purely about omitting ingredients, because most of these are not without good reason part of a recipe. For example, the salt in cheese curbs dangerous microorganisms, sugar for instance promotes the necessary growth of bacteria cultures in the yoghurt making process and as is common knowledge fat considerably contributes towards the taste. "Not merely mixing simple ingredients together makes a tasty meal. It is much more the composition between appearance, smell, acoustics and taste as well as nostalgia, emotions and our memory, which each person associates with them," explained the food expert, Sebastian Lege.

In the TASTING ZONE it is above all about showing how one can replace or exchange the basic taste components such as salt, fat and sugar with today's alternatives without compromising the taste. The task is predominantly to generate an identical taste profile to the one produced using conventional ingredients and simulate learned sensorics.

Taking fat reduction as an example, Lege will explain how a creaminess similar to that of a recipe with the normal fat content can nevertheless be achieved using so-called gel components. For example in the case of the reduction of salt, the food expert uses natural glutamine in order to increase the existing taste receptors. Sugar can also be reduced by increasing the main components.

The following production processes will among others be presented on the TASTING ZONE:

Sugar: Jelly babies with natural sweeteners

Dried fruit (apricots, mangos, strawberries) are soaked in water. The soaked fruit is then mixed with a mixer and pressed through a sieve. The mass is then for instance thickened using agar and made to gel - without animal gelatine. The mass is poured into a silicon mould and placed in a refrigerator to cool. Once the mass has solidified, the same texture and a naturally sweet taste is created with the use of sugar.

Protein: Rice pudding bar (protein power bar)

Rice is boiled with milk alternatives, seasoned and enriched with proteins. A binding agent is used to thicken the mixture. Afterwards, it is filled into moulds and chilled so it can then be devoured later.

An overview of the complete programme of the TASTING ZONE:


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