Reformulation for Sweets & Snacks

INGREDIENTS special event

Still trendy: healthy, natural and simultaneously enjoyable. But how can this be implemented technologically? Reformulation is the keyword in the change of product formulations. The replacement of refined sugar, saturated fatty acids, gelatine, milk and egg plays an increasingly importan role in sweets and snacks. However, chaning a recipe component affects the properties of the product. Solutions are required to provide the customer with sensory quality, texture and taste.

What are possible opportunities and alternatives? Where are the limits of reformulation and reduction? What is important to know in handling with new ingredients?

These questions will be answered at ProSweets exhibition 2020.

The DLG will present in cooperation with Koelnmesse a special display INGREDIENTS - Reformulation for Sweets and Snacks and Guided Tours with focus on „reformulation" in hall 10.1,

A highlight will be the Guided Tours with the main focus on „Reformulation". The Guided Tours inculde a visit to the special display and exhibition stands, where interesting insights into the topic are conveyed and experts are available for inquiries.

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