23.–25.04.2023 #prosweetscologne

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Location: Hall 5.2, E-29/B-020

At the Event Zone INGREDIENTS, our partner Innova Market Insights will present the four major, current trend topics of the industry.

Trend Topics

“Plant-Forward” ➞ 2022: “Plant-Based: the Canvas for Innovation”

With personal health and global sustainability key drivers of consumer choice, plant-based R&D has refocused from mimicking to optimizing options that stand on their own merits. A desire for diet variation is increasing interest in plant-based beyond the traditional vegan and vegetarian sectors, and from convenience foods to gastronomy, people are looking for quality alternatives to meat, fish and dairy. The sector is now more than an alternative, it is the canvas for innovation.

“Tailored to Fit” ➞ 2022: “My Food, My Brand”, with “Tech to Table” as an enabler/catalyst of personalization/lifestyle specific innovation

Developments in technology have changed every aspect of the food and beverage industry from conception to consumption. While innovators embrace new production methods, consumers turn to apps and AI for personalized nutrition and a greater understanding of how to fulfil their needs. Myths and misunderstandings are crumbling and the key is to communicate honestly and openly with consumers to ensure their continued trust in the advances of food technology.

“Product Mashups: When Trends Collide” ➞ 2022: “Amplified Experiences”

After so long locked down, and with the threat not over, there’s no time to waste when it comes to sampling something new. Consumers are hungry for novel food and beverage experiences as part of a quest to live life to the fullest. Celebratory moods are spurring exciting and wacky NPD, with many companies dipping their toes in new sectors or teaming up for unexpected collaborations.

“Transparency Triumphs” ➞ 2022: “Shared Planet”

Brands are moving on from proclaiming their credentials to meeting a clear, agreed and understandable measurement of their environmental and social impact. They need to work together and with consumers to build trust in the claims of a positive climate impact, ensuring universal acceptance of certifications and greater public faith in the transparency of brand actions. This requires quick, clear, tangible and trusted information combined with a product life story that stands up to scrutiny.

The German Agricultural Society (DLG) will present the results of a study on the topic of "Food with individually tailored ingredients to the needs of the person and their nutritional requirements" and will be happy to inform you in personal consultations.

Specialist lectures on current topics in the sector will be held at the integrated Knowledge Hub. Click here for the programme