Ticket ProSweets Cologne 2018

Prices in EUR Pre-registration Ticket-Shop
until 27.01.2018
Ticket-Shop/Box office
from 28.01.2018
Day ticket EUR 34.00 EUR 52.00
2-day ticket EUR 53.00 EUR 71.00
3-day ticket EUR 65.00 EUR 83.00
Season ticket EUR 71.00 EUR 89.00

  • Log-in or register for the first time at the Ticket Shop
  • Select desired ticket and complete the order transaction
  • After completing the order transaction the ticket is available as a download
  • Print out your ticket or download tor your mobile device

Tips on redeeming your Business Ticket the first time you log in:

  • Register online in the Ticket Shop at www.prosweets-cologne.com
  • The first time you log in at the ticket shop, you will be asked to register. Step two of the registration process is to create „Your profile“. Please enter your Business ticket code on this page in the field marked „Business Ticket Code“.
  • Please also fill in all of the now mandatory fields and then click the field marked „Register“ at the bottom of the page.
  • Your admission ticket is now ready to download and print.
  • Please note that this admission ticket is personalised and is not transferrable.

The presales price only applies for Ticket Shop orders received on or before 27.01.2018. From 28.01.2018, the box office prices are valid.

Make use of your advantages:

  • Up to 30 % savings
  • No waiting times at the box office
  • Free travel ticket

You can pay by Paypal or credit card (MasterCard, VISA, American Express) in the Ticket Shop.

Trade visitor
The ProSweets Cologne is a trade fair. Koelnmesse GmbH reserves the right to conduct suitable trade visitor inspections on site. The trade character of ProSweets Cologne is fundamental to the success of this event. Therefore, qualifications as a trade visitor must be provided when entering ProSweets Cologne.

Cases at ProSweets Cologne: In duration of the ProSweets Cologne there are no cases allowed!

Children and youths
Please note, if you want to bring children along! Children over the age of 12 are admitted only when accompanied by adults and in possession of a valid admission ticket. Children below the age of 12 are not admitted. They will be provided with an excellently equipped day care centre at no charge. Babies up to the age of one can be carried.
There are no buggies or strollers allowed!

Accompanying pets
It is prohibited to bring dogs and other pets to our fair grounds.

You will receive your free travel ticket in a separate e-mail. For use of the public transport system please print out the PDF file in size A4 or download the PDF file to your mobile device.

The travel ticket (2nd class) is valid for public transport in the expanded network of the Rhein Sieg Transport Authority (VRS) .

Exempted are trains of the Deutsche Bahn AG subject to a surcharge, e.g. the IC/EC or ICE.

The public transport ticket only provides authorization for arrival and departure in the context of a visit to Koelnmesse GmbH within the indicated period of the trade fair. It is non-transferable and only valid in connection with a valid photo identification and an admission ticket of Koelnmesse GmbH.

Further travel information can be found under the rubric Travel and accomodation.