Reformulation for Sweets and Snacks: Your place at the Ingredients special event

From avocado oil to xylitol: Alternative sweeteners, fats & co. are the focus of the Ingredients special event. Use this promising platform to showcase your products and present your company to the international trade audience in this central location of ProSweets Cologne 2019.

ProSweets Cologne special show INGREDIENTS

Impress your audience

Presentation area and facilities for

  • own exhibition space, approx. 6 sqm in open design
  • 1 table display
  • 1 standing table with stools
  • 1 company signage
  • 1 brochure stand
  • 1 waste basket
  • 1 power socket, 230V

Exhibition area for joint use

  • Lounge area for customer meetings such as the involvement in DLG-tours
  • Espresso-Office and stockroom/store room

Special services

  • Marketing Package (trade fair catalogue print, online, mobile)
  • 2 exhibitor passes and 1 work pass
  • Cleaning and waste disposal
  • Special attention via additional advertising

Impress your audience