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Newcomer Area

Join in the dialogue with newcomers to the fair and industry who are presenting their latest products! Don‘t miss it!

Location: Hall 10.1, stand F34

Participating exhibitors:

FRUITAFLOR started operations in 1987 as a flavor company in VERSAILLES, FRANCE. Natural flavors for confectionary remains the main market thanks to chewing gum and hard candy applications.

In 2010, FRUITAFLOR opened new headquarters and R&D facility in VERSAILLES, and transfered production unit in Barcelona, Spain. FRUITAFLOR sells worlwide french flavors with deep involvment in NATURAL FLAVORS, including with Halal or Kasher requirement. New plant in Barcelona operates under ISO9001 monitoring by TUV .

Confectionary is the N°1 market for FRUITAFLOR, with over 50% of global turnover of the company.

Hall 10.1, Stand F-030

Merck - one of the world’s leading suppliers of effect pigments for the coatings, plastics, printing, and cosmetic and food industries - showcases two exciting new technologies for eye-catching packaging refinement.

RGB-Printing for the first time ever allows extremely brilliant and reflective designs in nearly any desired color.

VE3D - Virtual Embossing gives flat prints a truly stunning 3D appearance.

Hall 10.1, Stand D-038b

MESUTRONIC Gerätebau GmbH is producing innovative metal detection technology for industrial applications since 25 years. Running out of the head office in Kirchberg im Wald, we supply our global customers with sophisticated metal detectors, metal separators and X-Ray inspection systems.

Especially in the segement of food we come up with a wide range of products, helping you to protect your production machines and ultimately your customers from unwanted foreign bodies.

Current highlights are the X-Ray inspection system “easySCOPE” and the fully automatic verification system “autoTEST”!

Hall 10.1, Stand F-032

The Rasp Company is specialized in the production of small artificial flowers, beads and fruits. These items are mostly used for tasteful adornments for gift wrapping and for confectionary decoration. We have a wide range of small flowers, leaves, bead items and berries available. Suggestions and custom-made products are available on request.

Hall 10.1, Stand F-030b

A first small step towards a circulare economy

This innovative result has been realised by: Servo Artpack (Stabio, Switzerland, )

thanks to the partnership with:
- Peeze Koffie (Arnhem, The Netherlands, )
- Bio4pack (Rheine, Germany, )

Hall 10.1, Stand F-038

As plastic extruders, At SCT-STRAW, WE HAVE INTRODUCED A NEW HIGH TECH LASER SYSTEM for our sticks. From now on we can PRINT different designs on sticks such as Logos, Barcodes, Websites and many more at very competitive prices.

Hall 10.1, Stand F-030a