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At this place you find an overview of the highlights of the event programme of ProSweets Cologne 2018.

The "Speakers Corner" in Hall 10.1 addresses important topics from the areas of production, processing and packaging.

  • DLG e.V.
  • Herbertz Dairy Food Service
  • ConfectioneryNews
  • Fraunhofer EMFT
  • DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH
  • Innova Market Insights

Reformulation for sweets & snacks

Reformulation of food and beverages is a hot topic. Current trend is the reduction of fats, sugar and salt as well as the interest for alternatives or supplements to animal products. What are possible opportunities and alternatives? Where are the limits of reformulation and reduction? What is important to know in handling with new ingredients?

These questions will be answered at ProSweets exhibition 2018. The DLG will present a special display „Ingedients – Reformulation for Sweets and Snacks“ and Guided Tours with focus on „reformulation“. The Guided Tours will lead through the special display and to fair stands, which will give interesting information about reformulation.

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The DLG will present a special display „Ingedients – Reformulation for Sweets and Snacks“ and Guided Tours with focus on „reformulation“. The Guided Tours will lead through the special display and to fair stands, which will give interesting informations about reformulation.

Take advantage of this opportunity: Meet trade fair newcomers and young companies within the industry and establish interesting contacts in the Newcomer Area of ProSweets Cologne. Together with the decision-makers of the international sweets and snacks industry, product developers and the packaging industry, the newcomers of the scene present the trends of the future here.

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You have to wave the brand flags high and incite people's interest. You must protect the quality and freshness of the products, they have to rattle and crackle enticingly and furthermore convey all important information in an easily comprehendible manner. Delivering innovative added value has also long since been a must. Today, packing really does have to be a jack-of-all-trades. Especially in the sweets and snacks market. In a highly effective way, the packing of the future will combine innovative materials with creative design ideas.

Visit the packaging special event - "Function meets Design".

Together with partners from the research, industry and design sectors, here innovative materials are combined with creative design ideas to provide new inspiration.


Good business needs to be celebrated. We warmly invite you to our party with live music, fresh Kölsch and a rustic buffet. Celebrate with us and bring along guests and high spirits.

When: Monday, 29 January 2018, 06:00 p.m.
Where: Info Lounge hall 10.1

Innova Market Insights is presenting the "Sweets Trends" special zone on the Boulevard in the passage leading to the packing section of ProSweets Cologne. The visitors will be granted special insights into the latest packing trends and most recent developments in the sweets and snacks segment.

Innova Market Insights has the largest product database for food and beverages worldwide. They visit the stores directly in all of the big markets and record the current innovations, including new packing solutions, in real-time.

In the New Product Showcase at ISM exhibitors present newly developed products in more than 100 displays. Here also the packaging plays an important role. Therefore, on Tuesday, 30.01.2018 at 11:00 a.m. the awarding ceremony will not only comprise the three top product innovations of the New Product Showcase, but also a special award fort he best packaging. All visitors are cordially invited to participate at the award ceremony and to be the first to know which products are the most innovative in 2018.

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On the ProSweets Cologne and ISM Wednesday you will expect the Trend and Themes Day with a special programme of presentations and guided tours.You will be inspired by a lot of new ideas, establish sustainable contacts and will experience a varied programme.

Specialist Lecture Speakers Corner

Nils Wolfgang Bings, Rechtsanwalt, DWF Germany Rechtsanwaltsgesellschaft mbH, Legal protection of product get-up

Herbertz Diary Food Service, Improving the Nutritional Value & Functionality of Confectionary, Bakery Products & Savory Snacks, "Know-how" on using Milk & Whey Ingredients to enhance Your Products

  • What does the Future hold for Butter? , Hr. Schulze, Hoche Butter (Uelzena)
  • The creative use of Butter and Butter Derivatives to improve Confectionery, Bakery and Snack Products, N.N. Corman
  • Use of mild and whey products in confectonery and snacks - practical aspects and benefits, Andréa Pernot-Barry, DataSweet Online GmbH

Guided Tours

Reformulation for Sweets & Snacks

Wednesday, 31 January 2018
10:00 a.m.
2:00 p.m.


Also visit the special programme of ISM on this day.